Let’s roll

Thanks for joining me.  California is where I was born, and as dust, will likely return to the Earth.  I hope to share experiences we’ve either all had or we plan to have in the spirit of adventures sought or those found in fortuity, rambling around this remarkable state and region of such physical, social, and spiritual diversity.

Some roads don’t exist…

Many of these excursions will be recalled from the past, becoming more distant, others more recent, becoming more cherished, as the present slips away and those presently being planned that keep the wheels turning.  I will observe the following thoughtfulness in each missive:  He said, “Just ’cause you can’t recall, don’t mean it didn’t happen. Just ’cause you can remember don’t mean that it did…”  The pictures help my fading synaptic retention.

Be warned, nothing is for sale nor is anything intended to offend.  I like to think mildly snarky courtesy is the only rule by which to abide.


Some of the fun is on foot

Sometimes the fun is in the selected mode by which to enjoy the travel

It’s mostly about being outside, in the full measure of the season and elements

Often it’s about the company you choose and those who choose you

And sometimes it’s about finding yourself all alone

Scan 3

So, let’s roll!

…and be grateful that all of our roads are long and winding

Author: Sisyphus and Associates

As of 6/2022 I will have taken 68 revolutions around the sun or 24,820 rotations on the big blue marble. Time to share a slice of all the physics, biology, and stewardship I’m guilty of...

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